The 12 Step Manifesting Adventure

Achieve your big hairy audacious goal.
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What you will get 


Feel into the magic of your personal connection with divinity.


Channel your will & focus your attention on the one goal.


Express deep gratitude in seeing the dream realised before your eyes.


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Our adventurers in Sumeru have seen some amazing results. They’ve bought dream homes, paid off huge chunks of debt and found beautiful partners after years of singledom. Many have started or expanded businesses, bettered family relationships and taken radical shifts in career trajectories. 

Now it’s your turn. What do you most want to achieve? 

How it works


Start at the adventure prep station.

Prime your mind, body & spirit with subliminal alpha recordings & shorts. 


Begin your adventure.

Practise lucid visualisations, join the live sessions, engage in group life coaching, start manifesting.


Complete your adventure.

Bow your head in reverent gratitude at seeing your dream come to life. 

What’s included 

What's Included

  • Live daily life coaching sessions
  • Brain re-programming technology
  • Buddy accountability programme
  • Full mobile app access
  • Lucid visualisations
  • Library of wonders


“When I read about the course, I immediately felt like it was exactly what I needed to get me to move forward. I wasn’t sure if I was going to find the time to give it the attention that it would need, but I jumped in and did it anyways! The live calls are incredibly motivating and supportive, and though timing didn’t allow me to join these in the way I had hoped, I feel that what I got from using the App itself was more than worth the investment! One of the huge shifts in mindset helped me to pay off one of my student loans and rearrange my finances, feeling more empowered to take action in the future and this wasn’t even one of my original goals. The meditations are amazing and the tools I’ve learned will help me long after the course has finished. “

Natalie Corrigan

“Sumeru promises a lot and does not disappoint.  In a fully supported environment you are guided step by step towards your goal and making the changes necessary to achieve whatever it is that you’ve set out to do.  I cannot recommend the course more highly and Kate never fails to make it fun, interesting, provides hilarious stories as well as practical options, and makes it all feel 100% possible.  I particularly loved all the film analogies, so many new angles to characterisation I had never really thought about.  Don’t hesitate to enrol, it will change your life!”

Roz Wrapp

“Sumeru is delivered in a very structured yet fun way with exceptional energy and passion. I was stuck in a mini life rut when I embarked on this journey and it propelled me forward, giving me the tools, confidence and ‘umff’ to effect change and move forward positively in all areas. My vision statement was to ‘curate and maintain a majestic life filled with passion, purpose and adventure’. I’ve got clarity and drive now to put this into place in my professional life and on a personal note, I’ve met a wonderful loving partner and I’m totally convinced the introspective work we did on Sumeru and new perspectives it gave me, helped me find him! Kate is a truly unique coach who puts her heart and soul into supporting people. THANK YOU xx”

Claire Purnell



Value £750

Brain re-programming

Plug in and go. Our cutting edge alpha based brain wave technology will help reprogram your mind to a state of calm. Sit back, pop your headphones in, and watch your life expand.

“The meditations were the game-changer” – Gaenor Nokes


Value £250

The Gateway to Greatness Calendar

Say hello to finishing what you start. The automised, year long master planner to keep you on track with weekly micro successes to ensure you achieve your big hairy audacious goal.

“I loved the Gateway to Greatness” – Lorraine Harman


Value £50

The Library of Wonders

Curated and organised by desired emotion, whatever you want to feel will be delivered to you in short, sharp bursts of efficient, actionable knowledge.

“The Library of Wonders could go on forever for me” – Gaenor Nokes

Knight In Shining Armour Guarantee

Our knight in shining armour guarantee offers you top of the line protection.

Cancel any time you like in your free trial, no charges, all free for 7 days, only adventure on if you love it.


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